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New Book (2010): Supply Chain Optimization, Design and Management: Advances and Intelligent Methods, Editors: Ioannis Minis, Vassilios Zeimpekis, Georgios Dounias, Nicholas Ampazis ,IGI Global (formerly IDEA Publishing), Press Release I – Jan2011 , Press Release 2 – Feb2011 , Brochure


Updated Information on the Postgraduate Program in “Financial & Management Engineering” (April 2014)

Pap-smear Database and related studies now hosted by MDE-Lab, Dept. of Financial and Management Engineering, University of the Aegean, Chios, Greece – Jan Jantzen and Georgios DouniasRead details – Download Files

PhD Theses completed through 2010 in Dept. of Fin. & Man. Engineering:

1) Optimizing performance and dependability of computer systems: Software rejuvenation stochastic modeling, V. Koutras (supervisor A. Platis)

2) Evaluation of the Athens drinking water quality by means of statistical methods and its integrated management, E. Smeti (sup. S. Golfinopoulos)

3) Real-time vehicle routing: The cases of vehicle delay and vehicle breakdown, K. Mamassis (supervisor I. Minis)

4) Applications of  the method of  stochastic  dynamic  to  maintenance  and  routing, K. Karamatsoukis (supervisors E. Kyriakidis – A. Platis)

Solarship arrival at Chios, Greece, 11 October 2010. Professors from the Dept.of Financial & Management Engineering visit the Austrian Solar Ship SOLARWAVE (see for solarwave-project) photo-1 photo-2 photo-3 photo-4

Special Session Organisation by N.Thomaidis and G. Dounias (Univ. of the Aegean, Greece): Computational Techniques in Financial Decision Making, in AFE-2010, 7th International Conference in Applied Financial Economics, Samos, Greece, 1-3 July 2010 (submission deadline 31 January 2010)

Dr Nicholas Ampazis, Assistant Professor of the Dept. of Financial and Management Engineering, University of the Aegean, Chios, Greece and collaborative researcher of the MDE-Lab, gains world distinction for his top ranking in International NETFLIX Competition on Movie Recommendation by Users, using intelligent data analysis methodologies. Read related articles uploaded in New Scientist 21/9/09 και MIT Technology 6/10/09.

Bilatteral Agreement between the Samso Energy Academy (Denmark) and the University of the Aegean (Greece) since September 2009, for Teaching & Research Collaboration and Mutual Staff Exchange

HAIS-2009 Special Session Organisation: “Hybrid Intelligence in Financial Engineering” (January 2009), Thomaidis N., Vassiliadis V. Dounias G.

PhD Thesis: New Trends in Financial Engineering: Stochastic Approaches and Computational Intelligence, Nikolaos Thomaidis, March 2007, Dept. of Financial & Management Engineering (Supervisor G. Dounias) – Summary

International Course in Neuroradiology (MRI Erasmus Course – Organiser: University of the Aegean, Location: Business School Amphitheater, Chios, July 2007)

– Special Session Organisation on Pap-Smear Diagnosis / Proceedings and Presentation Slides (Jantzen J., Dounias G.

, Special Session Organisation: “Intelligent Technologies in Bioinformatics and Medicine”, Dounias G., Magoulas G. and Linkens D.

Survey Report (2003): Measuring the Penetration of Intelligent Technologies in Medical Business, by N.Thomaidis & G.Dounias (EUNITE Activities)

BUSINESS STRATEGY & INTERNATIONAL MARKETING: Postgraduate Lectures (May-2003) – SOCRATES/ERASMUS Programme, Dr. Zsuzsa Orsolya Deli PhD, Senior Lecturer, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, Dept. of Economics

PhD Thesis: Evolutionary Neural Logic Networks, Athanasios Tsakonas, (2003), University of the Aegean, Business School, Chios (Supervisors G. Dounias / V. Aggelis)  Summary

EUNITE-2003, Special Session Organisation: “Hybrid and Adaptive Computational Intelligence in Medicine and Bio-informatics”, Dounias G.

Survey Report (2003): Measuring the Penetration of Intelligent Technologies in Medical Business, by N.Thomaidis & G.Dounias- International Survey from the  MDE-Lab

EUNITE-2002, Special Session Organisation: “Intelligent E-Health Applications in Medicine”, Dounias, G. Roudsari A.V.

EUNITE-2001, Special Session Organisation: “Adaptive Systems and Hybrid Computational Intelligence in Medicine” Dounias G., Linkens D.A. (Eds),

The Management and Decision Engineering Laboratory