This is the new website that hosts the DTU/Herlev Pap Smear Databases, as well as selected studies and papers related to these data. For more than 10 years, Dr Jan Jantzen works on pap-smear data acquired from images of healthy & cancerous smears coming from the Herlev University Hospital (Denmark), thanks to Dr MD Beth Bjerregaard. The Old Pap Smear Database was formed in the late 90’s while the New Pap Smear Database (improved) was formed within 2005. The analysis of these databases was made through several Master Theses most of which where elaborated in Denmark, under the supervision of Dr Jantzen, while he was joining DTU, Dept. of Automation (Denmark) and also through collaboration to other researchers from around the world, many of which were made with G.Dounias and his research team of the MDE-Lab, University of the Aegean. During the last years, Dr Jantzen collaborates with the University of the Aegean, Dept. of Financial and Management Engineering (FME) as teaching associate of the Postgraduate Program of the FME-Dept. and as research associate of the MDE-Lab. The site will be continuously updated with new papers, studies, theses and citations related to the hosted pap-smear databases.
In case you use material from this site, please cite the current link and related studies.

Part I : [5.16MB] Old Pap-smear database (images)
Part II : [85.17 MB] New Pap-smear Database (images)
Part III : [295.98 MB] Byriel Master Thesis 1999 (Denmark) (dataset,code and analysis)
Part IV : [86.78 MB] Martin Master Thesis 2003 (Denmark) (dataset, code and analysis)
Part V : [3.17 MB] Norup Master Thesis 2005 (Denmark) (dataset, code and analysis)
Part VI : [6.20 MB] Related papers [PLEASE CITE AS APPROPRIATE, in case you use the above data or analyses presented]

See also: J. Jantzen, G. Dounias (Eds), The Pap-Smear Benchmark, 2006, Aegean/NISIS publications

For further information contact: g[dot]dounias[at]aegean[dot]gr


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